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Your septic system works extremely hard, but for such a vital piece of plumbing equipment, its efforts oftentimes go largely ignored. However, the moment it starts to fail, homeowners like yourself do finally notice it. While many septic systems are designed to last many years, a failure can occur seemingly without warning. A septic system failure can spell stress and disaster, and without quick intervention, it can cause lasting damage to your property. If you start to notice these three issues, then it may mean that your septic system is on the brink of failure and needs us here at Integrity Septic & Drain to come out and address it immediately.

Your Toilet and Sinks are Draining Slowly

Have you ever finished your shower, only to find yourself standing ankle-deep in a lukewarm puddle of sudsy water? What about when you brush your teeth? Is there usually a reservoir of foamy water lingering in your sink after you rinse and spit? If you’re finding that your tub and sink are not emptying out right away, this may indicate that your septic system may be about to fail.

A Wet (and Smelly!) Spot Has Formed in Your Yard

A little bit of pooling in your back yard certainly isn’t something to be excessively worried about, especially with the changing seasons and associated rainfall. That said, if you’re finding that there are pools of water lingering in spots on your yard, that can mean that your septic system is on the cusp of failure. (Here’s a helpful tip: if you’re not sure if the pool of water is due to rainwater or your septic system, use your nose. If it stinks like rotten eggs, it’s highly likely that your septic system is to blame.)

You Can Hear Ongoing Gurgling in Your Pipes

Your pipes aren’t supposed to be noisy, so a sudden onset of new sounds can definitely be a clue that something’s amiss with your septic system. If you’re starting to hear gurgling in the pipes, primarily after you use your tap or flush your toilet, then it could mean a number of things. For instance, it could hint at a blockage or a damaged pipe. On the other hand, though, it may also mean that your septic system is about to fail and needs prompt intervention.

24 Hour Septic System Service in the Chattanooga Area

If you suspect that your septic system is about to fail, then you need to act fast. Not only can it cause lasting damage to your plumbing, but it could also expose you and your family to toxic pathogens, too. To schedule a routine maintenance appointment with us, or to contact us for emergency service, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Integrity Septic & Drain today!

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