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Septic Tank Pump Out Soddy Daisy TN

Septic Tank Pump Out

It is recommended you have your Septic system pumped out by a professional every 3-5 years to reduce the likelihood of clogging that can result in a backup. Chemicals and enzymes are commonly used in the digestion process to unclog the drainfields, helping to prolong the life of your tank and septic system. Over time, oils, fats, and grease accumulate on top of wastewater and can clog pipes in the same way that greasy foods can gradually clog human arteries. Sand, silt, sediments, tree roots, and mineral build-up can also cause big problems if they are not managed. 

Integrity Septic often uses a process called “hydro-jet” cleaning or “hydro-flushing” for Septic Tank Pump Out in Soddy Daisy TN and surrounding areas that incorporates high-pressure streams of water (15-18 gallons per minute) to remove build-up and debris in lines and tanks. This routine maintenance keeps the lines free and flowing properly so you don’t have to worry about this build-up causing the eventual blockage that can result in a line breakage. When you compare the cost of those chemicals and enzymes to the expense of repairing or replacing a septic tank system, the best choice is clear.

Failure to properly maintain your septic system can result in a foul stench filling your home or business, slow drains, toilet overflow, leaks from drain pipes in ceilings and walls, visible corrosion, and attracting flies, bacteria, and sewage bugs.

At Integrity Septic, we aim to make a small footprint during the pumping service, preserving your lawn and surrounding landscaping. We know your home is a source of great pride and will work in the least disruptive way possible by locating the tank cover and carefully removing grass surfaces covering it so it can be restored to as close as possible to the original condition before pumping out the tank. We lay a tarp on the ground to protect your lawn and contain the dirt we dig out to reach the tank cover. Once finished, this dirt is used to fill the hole with the sod placed on top. You will barely be able to notice we were even there.

For future consideration, we can optionally install septic risers and covers for us to access your tank the next time without any need to disturb your lawn with digging.

To arrange for Septic Tank Pump Out of your septic system in Soddy Daisy TN and surrounding communities, call Integrity Septic at (423) 529-9855.

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